Do you travel for weddings?

Yes we do travel, infact we love traveling and would love to capture your wedding anywhere in South Africa or abroad.

What Equipment do you use?

We are proud Nikon photographers and we use 1 x D4s, 1x D850 and we have a D750 as backup, and the fastest and sharpest lenses we can get our hands on. We use the best flashes Nikon has to offer. We use the fastest Lexar memory cards, so we never miss that shot. We only use Apple computers, famous for it’s reliability and speed.

We then have a mixture between Seagate and Western Digital Harddrives to keep all your memories save.

How to make a booking?

1. Fill in the contact us form and give us a bit more information about your wedding.

2. We’ll then send you our wedding packages and pricing

3. If you are ready to book us, click on the book us now button under the package and fill in the booking form, and accept our terms and conditions.

4. As soon as we receive the booking form, you’ll then receive an invoice from us with containing further details.

5.You will need to pay a 50% non-refundable booking fee to secure your date.

6. As soon as we receive the booking fee we are all yours, from here we will discuss all further details and engagement portrait details.

How to ensure you get the best wedding photographs.

1. Be yourself

Most important, just be yourself, do not concetrate to much on us, we want to capture those special moments were you laugh naturally and interact with your friends and family. We will guide you if neccesery.

2. Natural light

We reccomend that you get a room with as much natural light as possible, this will ensure the sharpest photographs and beautiful light.

3. Outside wedding

If you are getting married outside, please ensure that you stand under a shaded area – either a linen gazebo or a big tree.

4. Additional light in the ceremony.

To get those natural moments between your guests ensure you have as much additional lightning as possible, this will ensure that we dont have to use our flash on a to high setting, and the guest will hardely notice we are there ensuring those natural moments. Don’t just use candles.

5. Special Requests

If you have any special requests for photographs, please send them to us so we are aware of them, if there is something special that needs to be photographed, please tell us. (eg. a neckless from you grandma, or cufflings from the grooms dad)

What is the best time of day to get married?

We prefer doing the couple shoot 45 minutes before the sun sets.

This ensures beautiful soft golden light.

From the end of the ceremony ensure atleast 1.5 hours for family photos, a couple of minutes with your guests, bridal party photographs and couple portraits. Try to spend as much time possible with your guests before the couple shoot, we only need 30-45 min for couple photographs (Without travel)

To see what time the sun sets when, this website is the best.



We try to work as effective as possible but love capturing all those special spontanious moments. This is the approximate time we take on the different sections.

Decor – 45 min

( If possible we prefer taking this before going to the groom)

Groom – 1 hour

( We normally do a mock dressup with the groom before going to the bride, this ensures that groom isn’t stressed out just before going to church) When we arrive ensure that your are not dressed and just having a good time with your groomsman, this gets those natural moment before getting dressed just having a good time with your groomsman.

Bride –  2 hours

we also want the moments before getting dressed just having a good time with the bridesmaids. We will guide you and will ensure you are on time. When we arrive the we suggest the makeup artist be about half way through your makeup.

Please ensure the rings are with the bride.

Ceremony 30min – 1 hour

( Depending on ceremony)

We also allow about 20min for signing of register, confetti and congratulation.

Family photographs – 20min ( We will send you a form to complete with family members about 3 weeks before wedding)

Bridesmaids + Groomsman – 15 – 20 min

Couple portraits – 30min – 1 hour ( depending on travel)

Reception : depending on package.

We do suggest that you do the bouquet, garter toss and cutting of the cake before the first dance, this saves a lot of time and the after your first dance the party can start.